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We are specialized in anti-intrusion security systems, video surveillance, image analysis and license plate reading systems, access control, fire detection and extinguishing systems, training courses and the full management of your systems.


Do you want to protect your home or your workplace against theft or robberies?

We can provide customized solutions, which can be wireless or wired and recognized by insurance companies.
Our systems are intuitive, easy to manage, and they will guarantee you uncompromising security.
The system we offer consists in different types of sensors which are able to detect any type of forced entry and immediately notify the owner of the system and law enforcement.
The opportunity to choose between a wired, wireless or mixed system, will make it possible to install a perfectly designed system in any building.

Large systems
Wireless solutions


Fire detection

When it comes to fire, timeliness is the only key element for the protection of people, material goods, the environment and the production processes.

A fire detection system is essential for the prevention of this risk and the consequent protection of the safety of companies and, in general, of all infrastructures.
These systems are responsible of detecting a principle of fire, such as the presence of smoke or heat. The activation of the alarms allows to intervene in the shortest possible time, which means before the fire spreads and causes irreparable damage to goods and people.
Our solutions are reliable and easily adaptable to every need: from the smallest to the largest and most complex infrastructure. All our systems are VkF certified.

Customized solutions Bosch


Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems perfectly complement any security system.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art modern technologies, we can create for you effective, intuitive video surveillance systems, with full respect for the standards for security systems and the privacy law. Thanks to our large portfolio of products, we make it possible to design solutions for all levels: private homes, industries, commercial spaces, banks, military areas or chemical industries.

Retails systems
Industries systems


License Plate Recognition
Pure high-tech solutions.

Our license plate recognition system consists of highly technological cameras and software; it is used in the management and control of road and city safety.
In order to read and automatic recognize any license plates of cars, motorcycles and any vehicles, we use high-tech cameras that provide quality images even in difficult visibility conditions, both day and night and up to a speed of movement of 250 km / h.

In addition, they are able to work simultaneously on 2 lanes with opposite direction of travel. The cameras are supported by an integrated software that extrapolate and analyse all the data collected; it recognizes the brand, model and colour of the vehicle, as well as produces statistical reports on the road situation. Our system can be used both by the police to identify possible transgressions, and by companies that deal with paid parking, access control and collection of statistical information.

Highest reliability


Access control

An access control system is the first physical barrier with the specific purpose of monitoring all the entries and exits of our spaces.

Access control systems turn out to be the ideal solution for the protection of employees and the company. An access control system allows you to control people entering and leaving workplaces and determine people and vehicles that are authorized to access certain areas. The data collected by the access control system, such as the person’s ID, the gate used and the time of passage, are automatically recorded and monitored. The software used allows you to manage several personal and group permissions, as well as customize the different access areas and passage times. These activities are used to ensure compliance with safety standards and to avoid potentially dangerous situations, such as the intrusion of unauthorized persons or vehicles.

Offline access control Assa Abloy
Online access control Bosch


Vocal evacuation

In particularly crowded places, it is essential to guide people to escape routes without creating further panic or crowds.

It is essential to be able to effectively manage these emergencies to reduce the harmful effects on things and people. The evacuation system comes with a voice alarm that inform of the danger and lead the persons involved out of the critical area. This type of system allows the complete and safe evacuation of a building through the use of announcements and voice warnings, also facilitating the intervention of rescuers.

Evacuation system Bosch


IP Intercom

Our modern intercom systems easily adapt to any need, for private homes and complex companies too.

With our systems, you will not miss any door calls thanks to the innovative system that allows you to see who is at the entrance directly on your smartphone or tablet.
For public buildings or business complexes, we have a dedicated solution, with the possibility of having a single terminal connected to each interior. From the inside, you can manage calls from the gates or door and confirm access. This system also allows you to have the list of companies or the tenants’ address book comfortably on the touchscreen, so that visitors can find you without problems.

Security and communication



Are rodents a problem? We have a solution for you!

Our innovative solution against rodents emits acoustic vibrations of 15.6 KHz (limitedly audible to humans). It drives away all rodents such as mice, rats, bats and dormice, and prevents the return of them. In contrast with mousetraps and toxic substances, our system in pet-friendly: it allows you to permanently solve the problem of rodents without causing them any physical damage.

Wild animals


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